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Brunner Group Showroom, Hong Kong


This is the very first showroom for Brunner in Hong Kong, a well renowned German furniture brand, in the heart of Wanchai.


We took advantage of the bright glass wall and we kept the space open, in order to bring more day light inside the showroom.

We helped the local architects to select the right furniture & lighting for this house, where subtle elegance meets with the peaceful beautiful natural landscape 


A clean material palette and minimal element define the space as a "box" that displays and showcases all their beautiful pieces of furniture.


We add greenery to soften up the space and make it look less rigid and corporate.


We helped with the accessories and art selection, to keep the space informal, fresh and curated.


The only pops of color come from the green fabric panel (which helps with the acoustics of the space) and from their furniture.

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