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Branding Records Office, Hong Kong


Located on the 23rd floor of Soho House in Hong Kong, the interior design balances form and function by combining open office spaces with social areas and meeting room.


The minimal use of construction and materials respect the raw authenticity of the existing architecture and are enhanced by the concrete walls, metal tile raised floor and exposed ceiling

We helped the local architects to select the right furniture & lighting for this house, where subtle elegance meets with the peaceful beautiful natural landscape 


The infusion of natural light brings life to the space, making it simple, pure, comfortable and resonant.


Materiality plays a key role in the design, providing a clean and neutral canvas that reflects the company's Mission to create Content and identity for their clients.


Bamboo, chosen for its sustainability and warmth, features prominently as division walls and adds to the natural ambience of the space.


The bespoke and unique "B" metal handle for the entrance door.


The exposed concrete adds order and contrast.


Details, accessories and plants that complete the space it make it more personal and less "office".


And art, of course

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