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Thao Dien Residence, Saigon, Vietnam


Mediterranean Flavours in Saigon.

Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 9.41.55 am.png

A modern Home in Saigon, inspired by the sunny South Europe and the Mediterranean coasts.


A comfortable place to live in a buzzy city like Saigon.


A sanctuary of peace and calmness, where people can rest and enjoy their free time.


The luxury and lifestyle of the architecture of the building will be matched with the interiors of the apartment, with a touch of a European personality, in order to cater to a refined and selected potential clientele.


Modern with a classical twist, with the use of good natural materials and some refined details.

Few touches in stones, which are aligned with the feeling and the status of this target group, a bit more mature and with a more sophisticated taste.


The color palette is mostly neutral warm.

A few Mediterranean colours will be present, in order to highlight some details and some areas, with pops of colours (muted South European tones).

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