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The Moana Hotel, Okinawa, Japan


The Moana Hotel in Okinawa is a peaceful gateway among nature, with incredible diving opportunities.

Guests find themselves in a tropical pampering oasis, lulled by the sound of the waves.


The Ocean (Moana in Hawaiian) is the true protagonist of the hotel.

The stunning wave graphic behind each bed is one of the main feature, giving character and setting the right mood for that space.


Bespoke furniture and hand-picked accessories will make you feel on holiday from the moment you'll step in into your guestroom.

corridor_low res.jpg

Indulge in the exclusive lush of the open corridors and enjoy your private greenery.


The well-known Hawaiian-style hospitality is the protagonist for dining area, with a mix of warm natural materials and some colorful patterns.


Of course we took into consideration seating needs for everyone, and not forgetting some fun corner.

The timber screen have been inspired by the traditional Hawaiian graphic.


This is the gorgeous Sicis mosaic on the facade, which gives an additional tropical vibe and makes the building standing amongst the other.

The works at the terrace area are still going on at the moment, but it will be ready soon!


We customized the graphic of the tuk-tuk as well, available at this property.

We liked the idea to have a fresh breeze of Hawaiian flowers running around with clients.


All furniture has been customized in order to give a seamless overall experience and keep a consistent story in each room and any area.

guestroom accessories_low res.jpg

For this project we also enjoyed taking care of the accessories and the art selection, in order to have the same mood and also add some quirky items here and there.

lobby accessories_low res.jpg

Art selection and restaurant details and accessories also follow the Hawaiian mood and feel.

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