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Louis Vuitton Pop-in, Beijing SKP, China


For our collaboration with Louis Vuitton for their pop-in @ Beijing SKP, we developed their concept of LV customers been characterized by a strong spirit of travel, and we turned that into a giant metal mesh dome inside their shop, to create a sense of belonging and a true experience withing the shop area.


Customers are attracted into this shop by the strong visual of the installation - and of course the display of the new men's collection - but they can also rest from the outside bustling world, feeling protected by the dome.


It’s a safe and sheltered place, where Louis Vuitton’s customers can enjoy the usual plush treatment and pampering, while having a look at the new season’s items.


Customers will be an active part of the immersive experience and they will feel part of the journey.


The installation is visible from outside the shop as well, in order to create curiosity and interest for the customers passing by the corridors of Beijing SKP mall.

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