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The W Kitchen, W Hotel, Hong Kong

W kitchen _ concept 01_low res.jpg

The W hotel Hong Kong come to us because they wanted to spice-it-up and make more fun their all-day dining W Kitchen, which was quite dark and very general.

W kitchen _ concept 00_low res.jpg

We come up with the idea to give to the guests a more interesting and "local" experience, taking our main inspiration from the city of Hong Kong, its colors and patterns and also some of its traditions, especially based on food and food preparations.

W kitchen _ concept 02_low res.jpg

Another very important element for us was the tropical environment, which Hong Kong is surrounded with and is part of our natural background, and also works as an additional layer of fun, which we could add at the overall space.

W kitchen _ concept 03_low res.jpg

The W kitchen is an open kitchen type of restaurant, where we thought it could have been an interesting idea to use kitchen items and cooking tools to accessories the whole area, adding a bit of color, movement and of interest to the whole space.

At the entrance you have a ceiling and backdrop feature made up with colorful teacups, for example, perfect for your memorable group shot.

W kitchen _ concept 05_low res.jpg

At the kitchen area we plan to create a floating dancing lion - one of the most famous symbols of Hong Kong - made with the bamboo steamers, and have it suspended on the ceiling, to create this feeling of movement and fun, since some of the steamers were also painted with bright colors.

W kitchen _ concept 07_low res.jpg

We had a particular focus and attention to the tabletops and the tablewares, which nowadays are a very important setting for guests' pictures and posts on their socials (which means: free advertising for the client).

We changed tabletops from dark to a lighter color, in order to have a more fresh and authentic mood and to have the food "to look better" and inviting.

W kitchen _ concept 06_low res.jpg

We also took one step forward and we did a focus on the food itself, suggesting to go with more vegetarian/vegan options and to provide more information to the guests regarding ingredients and preparations, especially when it comes down to traditional local food.

We thought this was an interesting way to have a more conscious and involved public.

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